The ARTS Foundation together with the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland and the Polish-American Freedom Foundation announce the “ACT LOCALLY 2019” competition in the Myślenice poviat. We would like to thank our long-term and this year’s Partners for cooperation, the communes of Myślenice, Dobczyce, Wiśniowa, Tokarnia and State Street.

The Act Locally program has been supporting social activity for years. The far-reaching goal of the Polish American Freedom Foundation – the founder of the “Act Locally” program – is the creation of a society capable of self-organization and cooperation in meeting common needs. To achieve this, you need ANIMATORS AND LEADERS who organize social activities and then promote them in the local environment.

In 2019, we encourage you to commemorate the 30th anniversary of democratic changes in Poland. The last 30 years have radically changed the situation in Poland. It is undeniable that the decision of the Polish society in the elections on June 4, 1989 gave impetus to systemic changes in our country: the creation of a sovereign state of law and a free market economy. The last 30 years is the longest experience of freedom for Poles since the partitions and uninterrupted economic development. 2019 is also the anniversary of 20 years of membership in NATO structures and 15 years in the European Union.

Informal organizations and groups that are beneficiaries of the program may also draw inspiration from projects implemented in previous years. We invite HERE

In this year’s Competition, as every year, applications can be submitted via the internet generator by 26.06. 2019.


Please read the competition rules: