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with great pleasure we would like to inform you about the publication of the book by dr Joanna Dziadowiec-Greganić and Agnieszka Dudek entitled Handmade in Wiśniowa. Wiśniowsko work is different. About the most tangible of the intangible aspects of cultural heritage in the border commune of Wiśniowa published jointly by the Polish Folklore Association and the Municipal Center of Culture and Sport in Wiśniowa, Wiśniowa / Wrocław 2019, in the series “Ethnographic Archives”. The publication is one of the main effects of the two-year research and animation project “Wiśniowski Fair of Crafts and Traditional Occupations – Local Tradition in Action” co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the Fund for the Promotion of Culture, the program “Folk and Traditional Culture” 2018. In addition to printed form the book is also available in electronic form (PDF and EPUB format) on the project’s interactive page in the tab: We cordially invite you to visit this page and learn about other elements of the local Wiśniowa social archive, including: maps of the profession and (you) creators, corset catalog, virtual exhibition of old photographs, photo gallery, audio and video. In the latter you will find, among others ethnographic document from the project – the film HANDMADE IN CHERRY. WIŚNIOWSKO DIFFERENT WORKS. (Https://

The two-year (2018-2019) research and animation project was initiated by representatives of the local community. The organizer of the project is the Municipal Center of Culture and Sport in Wiśniowa and the main partner is the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw. In addition, the partners are the Wiśniowa Commune, the Commune Public Library. Janina Czaja in Wiśniowa and the Art, Adventure and Pleasure Foundation ARTS from Myślenice.