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If you want to strengthen your competences in a planned and effective way. If you plan your professional life in a year or five years? Get started today! Come to us, we’ve been working with young people for 4 years as part of the “Our Start with the Arts and State Street Foundation” project. What…

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Handmade in Wiśniowa. Wiśniowsko rócno robota.

Dear Sir or Madam, with great pleasure we would like to inform you about the publication of the book by dr Joanna Dziadowiec-Greganić and Agnieszka Dudek entitled Handmade in Wiśniowa. Wiśniowsko work is different. About the most tangible of the intangible aspects of cultural heritage in the border commune of Wiśniowa published jointly by the…

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FIO Małopolska Locally South plebiscite!

Vote until October 28 for the most interesting initiative! We remind you that you can vote every day for three different initiatives, Good luck! More at

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Results of the Act Locally Competition 2019!

We present you the ranking list of the Act Locally 2019 Competition. 2019 ranking list Congratulations!

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Our start with the ARTS Foundation and STATE STREET – recruitment has started.

Our start with the ARTS Foundation and STATE STREET – recruitment has started. To apply for the project, complete the online recruitment form, select the selected COURSES (min. 3). REGISTRATION The courses are free. In case of high interest, the order of applications decides about the qualification for the project The recruitment will last until…

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ACT LOCALLY! so we announce the grant contest “ACT LOCALLY 2019”

The ARTS Foundation together with the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland and the Polish-American Freedom Foundation announce the “ACT LOCALLY 2019” competition in the Myślenice poviat. We would like to thank our long-term and this year’s Partners for cooperation, the communes of Myślenice, Dobczyce, Wiśniowa, Tokarnia and State Street. The Act Locally…

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