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In 2013, the ARTS Art, Adventure and Pleasure Foundation joined the Act Locally Centers network. Act Locally is a program of the Polish-American Freedom Foundation implemented since 2000 by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland. Its purpose is to activate the inhabitants of small towns around various common good goals and to help build active local communities whose members define problems together, try to counteract them or mitigate their effects. As part of the Act Locally program, we grant funding to local organizations and civic initiatives that initiate residents’ cooperation for the common good. The program is conducted with non-governmental organizations and informal groups in mind that make a concerted effort to make life better in their communities. Under the Program, a grant of up to PLN 6,000. activities implemented in the field of culture, education, development of tourist offer, social affairs, local development, environmental protection and others are supported. Since 2013 as a CENTER ACT LOCALLY (Polish-American Freedom Foundation Program). Seven grant competitions were carried out in the Myślenice poviat, 86 grants worth PLN 454,000 were awarded. As part of the program, the Foundation cooperates with local governments in conducting promotional activities for the competition, training sessions, workshops and consultations, and re-granting.