1 percent for the Arts Foundation guarantees that 100% will stay in your region

At the ARTS Art, Adventure and Pleasure Foundation, we have been implementing grant programs for small organizations and groups that do not yet have a registered organization for many years, which is why 1 percent of your tax is so important to us. We help in organization and provide support through the programs: Act Locally, FIO Małopolska Locally, currently Initiatives within the Partnership Kaleidoscope.

When we announced the first Act Locally competition, about 17 organizations and groups entered the competition for grants worth PLN 17,000, today there are about 100 organizations and groups applying for the competition.

As a foundation, we have acquired partners from Małopolska and applied as a grant organization to the Civic Initiatives Fund and became one of the operators of FIO Małopolska Locally, which means – the second competition with small grants in the Myślenice poviat. During the five years of operation of all programs, the amount of grants intended for organizations and groups only from the Myślenice poviat is over half a million, 500,000.

Funds allocated to organizations in Lesser Poland from 2014 are PLN 600,000

We are thanks to you and for you 1% more power to act!

Act Locally for Organizations:

from 2013, funds intended for the community for project implementation – PLN 290,000

FIO Małopolska Locally:

from 2014 funds intended for the community for project implementation – PLN 600,000

Partnership Kaleidoscope 2017 – PLN 20,000

Our Start with the ARTS Foundation and State Street training grant for young people – 240,000 PLN

how to settle the pit – quickly and efficiently

Call us – we will settle your one pit 11 in exchange for 1% – Call 693 341 225.

What projects have we allocated funds from 1 percent from previous years?

All projects that benefited from the support under the FIO Małopolska Locally in Subregion 3 – Bochnia, Brest, Gorlice, Limanowski, Myślenice, Nowosądecki, and Nowy Sącz poviats are here:

Partnership projects under the Kaleidoscope Partnership

Projects under the Act Locally Center 2011-2015

As part of Act Locally 2017, such projects and organizations received funding

In the shadow of Cudaczna Góra

Communicare Association

Cepry Association

TKM Association

Association My Łęczanie

Little Homeland Association

Wierzbanowa TSO