Statute of “ARTS”
Foundation for the Arts, Adventure and Pleasures

General Provisions
§ 1.
“ARTS” Foundation for Art, Adventure and Pleasures, hereinafter referred to as the Foundation, established by Agnieszka Dudek and Grzegorz Duda , hereinafter referred to as the Founders, notarial deed drawn up by the Notary Iwona Palmirska in the notary office in Krakow Repertory A No. 17927/2008 dated 22.08.2008. The Foundation operates under the provisions of the Act on Foundations dated 6 April 1984 (Journal of Laws of
1984., No. 21 item 97 with later amendments.), the Act on Public Benefit and Volunteer Work dated 24 April 2003 (Journal of Laws of 2010., No. 234, item 1536 with later amendments) and under this Statute.