She was born in Trzemeśnia. “She married to Wiśniowa”. Jadwiga deals with artistic embroidery and crochet lace, which she treats as a passion for life. He crochet tablecloths, napkins, napkins, table runners, curtains, figurines, traditional Christmas decorations (including Santa Claus, angels, baubles) and other Christmas decorations and even clothing items such as gloves and hats or jewelry (earrings and bracelets) . Hand embroidery (including corsets, blouses) with flat and bead embroidery and richelieu embroidery, full embroidery, white (non-cut), colorful and cross-stitch embroidery. She learned both how to make crochet lace and embroidery herself, although in her youth she studied with a certain creator in the field of making napkins and curtains. He does his work with such precision that he often asks if it is not machine embroidery.