It connects various painting techniques and continually experimenting. The leitmotif of the works of Maria – for friends Majka – are the angels and the Madonna. It happens that he weaves them elements of a regional outfit. Another favorite motifs are poppies and sunflowers. He likes to paint on boards, on handmade paper and on … stones. She also completed an icon writing course. Poetry and prose are another area of ​​her work. Examples of the first one can be found in the volume of poems “Shy Whispered”. However, he considers painting to be his life passion. As she claims: “The most important for me is joy and satisfaction when the next work is created. When an empty card, canvas or board is filled with a palette of colors, shapes. It’s hard to call words … A special kind of happiness!”

The gallery is financed under the “Kaleidoscope of Partnership” project – Polish-American Freedom Foundation “PAFF Partnership” program.
Fig. Martyna Bec