Foundation’s goals

– raising awareness and social responsibility in the field of heritage goods cultural as an indicator of identity and developmental and historical potential relations between Poland and Europe

– permanent cooperation with local government bodies and cultural institutions and social institutions

– research, education, promotional and animation activities for development multidimensional cross-sectoral cooperation

– improving the quality of life in local communities – towards local wellbeing

– advisory, training, information and financial support activities: organizations NGOs, legal entities and organizational units operating on the basis of the provisions of relation of the State to the Catholic Church in Poland

The ARTS Foundation conducts activities for the benefit of citizens and promotes the region’s heritage. Partnerships are being created to implement joint ventures and to co-create public policies (lobbying for new legal solutions as part of tasks, competitions of the Małopolska Voivodship and the Myślenice Poviat).

Therefore, continuous activity supported by project activities goes in two main directions: support of local civic organizations and leaders as well as broadly understood protection of the material and intangible heritage of the region. Through: implementation of the “Act Locally” grant program in the Myślenice poviat, organization of training in the field of NGOs, new technologies and raising the competences of young leaders (in cooperation with State Street and as part of the Cooperative Center for the Development of Civil Society). Cooperation in the field of heritage protection is also being developed with foreign entities, including Charity Foundation “Heart” (Bendery – Transnistria District, Moldova, Bjerringbro Gymnastic Forening in Bjerringbro, Denmark), negotiations are currently underway to include the Foundation in the World Art Foundations network.

Foundation representatives participate in thematic networks as part of Polish and international programs (including New Technologies Locally, Fimango Local Advisors Network, PAFF Leaders, International Organization of Folk Art IOV World, International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts (CIOFF) , Association of Critical Heritage Studies, Intangible Heritage Researchers Network, Polish Folklore Association, Polish Cultural Association, Live Culture Observatory).

Grant programs

Continuous operation since 2013 as a CENTER ACT LOCALLY (Polish-American Freedom Foundation Program). Seven grant competitions were carried out in the Myślenice poviat), 86 grants worth PLN 454,000 were awarded. As part of the program, the Foundation cooperates with local governments in conducting promotional activities for the competition, training sessions, workshops and consultations, as well as regranting.

In the years 2014-2019, the Foundation was one of the Operators of the FIO MAŁOPOLSKA LOCAL Program of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. Then, as the leader organization of FIO Małopolska Locally – South under the funds of the National Institute of Freedom). Since 2014, the Foundation has organized 6 grant competitions, co-financed 175 projects for a total amount of approx. PLN 900,000. The total project budget is PLN 1,300,000.

Programs supporting civic organizations

MARSZAŁKOWSKI CENTER FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF CITIZENSHIP SOCIETY (MORSO) 2018 The tasks of the center included conducting information and promotion activities, constantly monitoring the needs of non-governmental organizations in the subregion, and providing multi-faceted counseling and counseling for NGOs and informal groups. Currently, the Foundation conducts the Center’s activities from its own funds and with the social commitment of its employees, adopting the name K-ORSO, i.e. the Cooperative Center for the Development of Civil Society.

WIEDZIE BY BY MÓC (2010) project strengthening competences of foundation representatives and partners. As part of the activities, key areas of activity and the organization’s strategy were developed for several years, which is systematically evaluated.

Networking programs

OUR START WITH THE ARTS AND STATE STREET FOUNDATION 2015 – currently & nbsp; financed by the Boston State Street foundation, the participants take part in training & nbsp; in the scope of: improving computer and language competences, self-presentations and projects.

KALEIDOSCOPE OF PARTNERSHIP (2016-2018). The goal of the partnership project was to coordinate the activities of entities of the third sector of the municipalities of Myślenice and Dobczyce, to create tools (Citizens’ Cafés, Scholarship Fund) that allowed strengthening partners, increasing the visibility of their activities, improving cooperation and communication. 18 local initiatives were implemented under this program.

RITA Program (2017) – KUŹNIA LEADERS OF CULTURE project, study visit to Moldova (Transnistria region – Bendery) networking Polish-Transnistrian organizations.

SUPPORT OF PEOPLE IN OLD AGE IN INTEGRATION WITH YOUTH (2017) by running a support center – self-help clubs in village councils The task was financed from the resources of the Wiśniowa Commune and the Małopolska Voivode and implemented in 2016-2018.

BUILDING COOPERATION NETWORKS FOR THE PROMOTION OF THE HEALTH OF RESIDENTS OF THE MYŚLENICE DISTRICT, (2012-2013), co-financed under the Swiss cooperation program with the new EU member states. Objective – increasing the involvement of citizens and NGOs in the creation, implementation and evaluation of public policies in the poviat In cooperation with the Poviat Starosty and Bjerringbro Gymnastic Forening from Denmark.

Activities supporting civic activity are directed at: newly established and locally operating non-governmental organizations: ordinary associations, registers, foundations or informal groups, as well as local government units cooperating in the scope of local initiatives with their inhabitants in order to: jointly implement public tasks for the local community ( offer competition, task delegation, etc.), implementation of participatory solutions, i.e. co-decision (sharing power) and cooperation (sharing work) of self-governments with citizens in managing the affairs of the communities they are members of (application of social clauses in proceedings in the field of public procurement law, co-creating obligatory cooperation programs with public organizations, sharing the property of municipalities, poviats for e.g. the seat of NGOs, place of implementation of activities, creation of public benefit councils, etc.), developing, implementing and ensuring continuity of activities under programs supporting local activities, e.g. regranting.

Heritage protection projects

The Foundation implements artistic and research projects activating the local community in the broadly understood protection of the region’s cultural heritage (tangible, intangible and natural).

Continuous and project activities FROM SHADOW TO EXISTENCE, co-financed under the Civic Initiatives Fund (2009). meetings with folk artists, leading to film and photographic documentation of their achievements. 14 online galleries have been created so far.

MARY’S WORLD IS OLD (2013-2014) – co-financed by the European Commission under the “Youth in Action” program was created, among others amateur film based on folk motifs entitled: “Wedding of drowners”.

WIŚNIOWSKO GODKA (2 editions) – the ARTS Foundation as a partner in the project with the Commune Leader of the Culture and Sport Center in Wiśniowa (GOKiS) and the Faculty of Polish Studies of the Jagiellonian University, the Jagiellonian University Students’ Scientific Club co-financed by the National Center for Culture in Warsaw. As part of projects including a dictionary of the Wisni dialect was created (interactive, online and printed).

WIŚNIOWSKI FAIR OF CRAFTS AND TRADITIONAL PROFESSIONS – LOCAL TRADITION IN ACTION co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage A two-year (2018-2019) research and animation project initiated by representatives of the local community. The project was organized by the GOKiS in Wiśniowa and the main partner was the State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw and the Wiśniowa Commune, the ARTS Foundation. As part of the project, a monograph (printed and electronic form – Handmade in Wiśniowa film, spots promoting the project, interactive website – the seed of the local Wiśniowa social archive) was created.

Heritage protection and management programs are targeted at: individual and collective entities, various members of local communities, practitioners, i.e. direct heritage depositaries, creators and animators, regionalists working for the heritage of their region; the so-called. organization of the heritage of various sectors (cultural and social institutions, associations, regional circles, foundations, teams, tourist and artistic organizations, local entrepreneurs as well as formal and non-formal educational entities, ethnic and national minority organizations, religious associations, etc.).

Participation in the creation of public policies:

The representatives of the Foundation were elected to the Małopolska Council for Public Benefit Activities (2013-2015 and 2015-2018)

Public Benefit Activities Council at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2015-2018).

The representatives of the Foundation take part in the creation of strategic documents and their implementation, they are members of competition committees. Thanks to the Foundation, new legal solutions have been introduced in the region (competition for regranting in 4 communes and for “own contribution” at UMWM).