What is the purpose of the Partnership Kaleidoscope project?
The goal of the project is to coordinate the activities of sector III entities and create tools (Calendar, Civic Cafes) for the common good that will allow: strengthening partners, increasing the visibility of their activities, better cooperation and communication of various groups working for local communities.
In the first place, the Kaleidoscope of Partnership is directed to groups and organizations and institutions operating in Myślenice and Dobczyce communes. The next group of recipients are residents. Thanks to the integrated calendar they will be able to find out about events taking place in their vicinity and will be able to get involved in the activities of the partners.
Characteristics of the Initiative Group.
Partnership is for something new to happen. Diversity is the strength of our partnership. Partnership Leader: ARTS Foundation – Act Locally Center.
He implements artistic, civic and educational projects. Through its navy-blue activities (since 2013), it supports initiatives and ideas of local NGOs / implementing groups important for the local community. Has experience in acquiring and settling project funds, has qualified staff as well as premises and equipment. Municipal Public Library in Dobczyce: Library Development Program, Seniors in action.
A place open to all residents and perceived as the most innovative and friendly “Interesting place of interesting people”. Implementer of interesting projects, unconventional exhibitions, co-organizer of the Dobczycki Mam Club, initiator of the Fan Culture Club. Myślenice Culture Society: Equal Opportunities Program.
organizer of festivals, exhibitions, workshops and others educational activities; implementer of programs and projects addressed to children, adolescents and adults regarding culture and education. It brings together independent creators and animators of culture. Agnieszka Dudek – mobile advisor. He coordinates the activities of 6 mobile advisers whom he will invite to cooperate during the project, as part of the dissemination of the project idea in social media. Izabela Janczak-Bizoń, Anna Kapusta, Paweł Piwowarczyk? PAFF Leaders Program.
Initiators and coordinators of social projects. They have experience in animating and leading groups and PR activities.
How does the project use PAFF resources?
Each of the partners of the initiative group has experience in organizing various ventures: cultural, sports, integration and educational. We operate in various thematic areas and for various groups. By engaging in partnership, we will introduce and network communities closest to us.
In the poviat, we were pioneers of such activities as: a cultural fan club, the introduction of the Act Locally and FIO grant program, the organization of: the first Speed-ball competitions in Poland, the International Folklore Festival, and Review of the Work of People with Disabilities. We invest our experience and credibility worked out in the activities to date in the partnership project. We had the opportunity to learn about local environments – their needs and problems. We have experience in cooperation with local governments and other institutional partners ..
The most important project activities.

Animation of the initiative group – Cooperation with partners (support for events and undertakings, promotional activities) – Kaleidoscope of events – creation of an integrated Partnership Calendar – Civic Cafes Cycle for informal NGOs – Establishment of a Scholarship Fund – Organization of a Charity Ball
What benefits will the residents have for the common good? What change in the community will the implementation of the project bring?
Residents will have the opportunity to participate in events organized by partners, Many of them for the first time will receive full information about organizations and other entities as well as valuable activities that run the area of ​​the Myślenice and Dobczyce Communes. We also hope that it will encourage residents to join the organization or take on new challenges and implement new ideas. An incentive for such activity will be the opportunity to apply for a scholarship under the Scholarship Fund. 1 percent

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